Tuna Soy Pasta

Rus and I love this pasta! I remember having it once at a restaurant in Manila but then they took it off the menu so we just had to make for ourselves at home. Such a quick meal to make as well especially if you keep tuna spread at a ready in the fridge.

Ingredients: tuna flakes, Japanese mayo, onions, soy sauce, pasta, zucchini, salt and pepper

Drain tuna flakes, add chopped onions and mix with Jap mayo.

Cook pasta, drain and set aside. Put a little soy sauce in a pan, add a little water (check and make sure it’s not super salty), sauté the pasta in it and season with salt and pepper.

Make zucchini noodles and set aside.

Assemble. Put soy pasta on a plate, zoodles and top off with tuna.

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