Monique Leonardo Carlos

Happy wife, loving teacher, crafter, budding stylist, aspiring chef, author and #supermommy wannabe

almost-twinsI’ve gone over and over what should be in this page and I couldn’t bring myself to be content with what I’ve previously written. If this blog was created to share myself with others, then I do think you deserve to know more than the trivial facts of my life. Who am I really? What is really in my heart?

I am a teacher. I graduated with a degree in Family Life and Child Development and I would say UP has done a great job in instilling in me values that make me treat being a teacher not just a job but as a way of life. Every day, I try to marry the things I know and continue to learn as a teacher with my many other roles. In school, I set out to not just grow with my kids but also with their families.

I am a woman. Like you, I have many roles. I am also a daughter, sister and friend. I have many interests I am passionate about and I have big dreams that I want to make true. I write poems, craft, prettify celebrations and create all sorts of dishes in my kitchen. Like a lot of you, I try to be a myriad of things and put meaning behind the many things I do. My mind map still has many unchecked things and new dreams always have find their way in there. I still want to have a bakeshop.

I am a wife. I married the love of my life in 2009 and we’ve been friends since 2001. Marriage does take work but I can honestly say, life is sweeter and continues to be better after my wedding day. My husband is my best friend and we love talking about life, relationships and dynamics of people over a glass of good wine and cheese. I someday wish to have a He Says, She says talk show where we can talk about the differences of men and women and how the two genders meet at a compromise. Rusky laughs every time I say this aloud. I told him I’d settle for a co-written book.

I am a mother. Being one is at the very core of my heart and I am infinitely grateful for having been given the chance to love and be loved by my own children. Like in everything, I try to be the best that I can be as a mom. I’ve always thought that if we invested time and money to educate ourselves to be teachers, doctors, architects, actors and managers, why not do the same in what I think is, for those who choose it, one of the more important roles we’ll ever have? As with putting meaning in every party I style, every lesson plan I make, every gift I handcraft for my husband, so should I be intentional in parenting my own kids. I read, I ask and I try to marry who I am as a teacher with who I am as a mother. I research, I experiment and I learn from other women.

home-routineThis blog is meant to share myself with you and hopefully, you can be part of this amazing journey I’m in. I write about my misadventures, mistakes and continuous learning. I write about how I grow in my relationships, how my thoughts and feelings evolve and how I reach for the stars. I write for all the other moms who are not just moms- but empowered women who can be so much more in and outside their homes.